Some 100 students from more than 40 states attended the 2013 White House Science Fair, and the host was President Obama. Approximately 30 student teams who had won STEM competitions (science,technology,engineering and math)were exhibiting projects, which included new inventions and important basic research,according to the White House. 


The rocket challenge is an extra-curricular hands on project based learning program and is modeled around the aerospace industry design, fabrication and testing processes. Teams consist of 3 to 10 students and they have to design,build, and fly a rocket.The challenge requires teams to achieve the same basic mission-oriented goals of hitting a precise altitude, landing within a specific flight time window, and returning a raw egg ("the astronaut") without cracking.
It's the first time a Mid-South school has ever made it this far in the competition. It took three years to qualify.As part of the reward Team Wooddale Cardinal Rockets traveled to Washington, D.C. , and had the opportunity to shake the hand of the Commander in Chief (President Barack Obama)


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PRESIDENT Barack Obama talks with student winners of a broad range of science technology engineering and math. 

Darius Hooker, 19, left side ( A Skater, and former Wooddale High School student)  and his high school classmate Wesley Carter , 18  (right) both from Memphis, who took part in Team America Rocketry Challenge in Washington.  

Hooker said "We had to shoot a rocket 800 feet with between 43-47 seconds. "Our rocket made it 801 feet and 45 seconds, so we scored a score of one. The lowest score wins and that put us among the top 10 percent in the country.



Hooker said "We motivate a lot of people that's our age, younger than us and older than us," Hooker is currently studying for a license in aircraft mechanics at Tennessee Technology Center in Memphis plus he is already a license flying pilot