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The Rolling Wheels still making it happen


Stay Fit and Healthy selection in Sheen Magazine
March/April 2013 Editions
feature Ms. Chestine Burnett (pg.55)


 Chestine "Chess" Burnett
A young lady at the age of 62, with non-stop extraordinary activities plus her profession.
she is a : Mom of 2 (Two Boys now adult)
Grandmom of 4 (Four)
Cook & Home Engineer (all of home maintenance including Builted plus lawn care)
Loan operation Clerk(since 1970) Chess skate and is in The Rolling Wheels of Memphis Skate Group, she is the Assistant Coordinator (Chess assist in daily operation of the group (secretary, treasurer,a mediator,Cook, event coordinator,and setup coordinator and more). Chess is involved in all of the yearly events including spear heading some key role positions and make major decision prior & during our national party "Rolling on the Bluff Celebration"
She is a skating role model for the children, young adults, and the adults as well.     
And still Chess find the energy to work out everyday (7 days) Monday thru Sunday she focuses on her cardio,abs, and her full body work out. Chess work out exercises include but not limit to bike riding, skating, jogging/walking, and a full body work out in the gym.
Staying fit and healthy is the Key!!                  
Hats off to you! Ms. Chess